☆ starweaver log ☆

entry 4/1 2:00am

it's almost time for my wish to come true.

entry 3/26 5:03pm

i sat at my desk and stared at computer screen for a while, a monotonous day. but at least i've finally got all the materials i need.

entry 3/21 3:28pm

i made a sandwich today, it was pretty bland because i lost my star shaped cookie cutter that i usually use to make my meals star shaped. i hope i find it soon.

entry 3/18 10:12pm

the stars are extra bright tonight.

entry 3/13 6:32pm

i added more star doodles to my wall today, i like to think they hold me when i sleep at night.

entry 3/07 1:45pm

i wish i could go to space and collect each star i see in my hands.

entry 3/01 1:45pm

sometimes i think about leaving everything behind, but this part of me wont-just can't let go of it-

entry 2/25 6:32am

the dreams of finally creating the perfect star for me keep me going, the sweetness i'll feel at that moment will be irreplaceable

entry 2/19 5:52pm

i can't help but place all my wishes in one thing.

entry 2/10 2:30pm

i just woke up. i stayed up late last night looking out my window and watching the stars as the clouds passed over them.

entry 2/06 4:14pm

the sadness is creeping up on me one day i'll be able to escape this.

entry 2/02 12:02am

one day i hope to record the twinkling sounds of the nighttime sky.

entry 1/30 8:23pm

the chips i ate today were good.

entry 1/17 9:55am

stars are the perfect shapes, each point pointing to a better reality than the one i exist in now.

entry 1/01 3:05am

this year everything will change.